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Why the hourglass?

A pastor friend of mine stated that the hourglass is a great visual representation of where I am in my life. He said that the top of the hourglass represents the many unique experiences that I have been blessed to enjoy. A 26-year career with the U.S. Secret Service, seven years as a Senior Vice President with Regions Bank, traveling the world, living in London and Toronto, meeting world leaders, witnessing world-changing events, while leading individuals, teams, and departments throughout this journey. All are poured into the top of the hourglass.
The neck of the hourglass is where I hope to draw upon my experiences and skills to assist people and organizations in achieving their goals and dreams.
The bottom of the hourglass? This is where my work as a coach benefits others so that they can “spread out,” like the sand in the hourglass, and uniquely influence their world.

~Jeff Anderson

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