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Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching? 

Coaching is a partnership between the coach and the participant (“coachee” if you will) that is uniquely focused on the participant’s personal and/or professional growth and success. A coach listens and asks thought provoking questions that ultimately lead to the development of a unique, personal action plan. A coach holds the participant accountable to this plan while identifying and addressing barriers that may be hindering success. At times a coach may offer suggestions, but the coach will never dictate the action plan. The participant’s success is determined by the participant, but a good coach provides guidance for the journey.


So, you’re like a counselor?

Not really. A coach works with a participant to clarify goals and create action plans for future results that may have previously seemed unattainable to the participant. A counselor is a professional healthcare worker with more of a focus on resolving past issues to create stable futures.


Does coaching work?

Yes! Please explore my website where you can view some incredible coaching statistics and how coaching can help you.


What are the attributes of a good coach?

A person who has integrity, a desire to help others, the ability to speak truth in love, and is a good listener and encourager – I hope my life has demonstrated these traits.


Why now?

For more than a year, I have been on a personal growth journey. A journey with many questions – “Why am I working a job that is not fulfilling?” “Twenty years from now, will I look back and ask, why did I take the safe route?” “What is God’s desire for the rest of my life?”. I knew that leaving Regions would be the next, logical step. In April, Regions eliminated my position, and I was provided a very fair severance package. This was just another example of the steadfast kindness of God to me and my family. So now is the time for me to move into this new, next stage of my career.


Why coaching?

I believe coaching is the most effective way for me to positively impact others. As I learned more about coaching, I soon realized that in some ways, coaching is what I have been doing my whole life. Through prayer and counsel with my wife, family, and friends (some of you!), I decided to launch Fellowship Coaching.


Do you have a coaching certification?

Yes! I have been a fan of John Maxwell since hearing him speak at a 1994 Promise Keepers event in Indianapolis. While there is no universally accepted coaching certification, I researched various coaching and leadership programs and decided to join the John Maxwell Team and recently completed their Coaching Certification Program.


I see Leadership Programs mentioned on your website. What is this?

Coaching, and especially coaching under the umbrella of the John Maxwell Team, has many connections with leadership training. In my experience with the U.S. Secret Service, Regions Bank, and other organizations, I have seen the need for leader development. Thus, I created a leadership program titled Leadership Academy. Leadership Academy is unique in that it combines classroom leadership instruction with individual coaching to increase the likelihood of leadership success.



What can you gain from coaching?

  • Increased productivity

  • More self confidence

  • Improved self-image

  • A feeling of more control in your life.

  • Accomplished goals.

  • Improved relationships

  • Improved job performance

  • A sense of direction in your life



Why should I engage in personal coaching? Great Question!

  • I can’t put my finger on exactly what I want, and it’s frustrating as heck.  

Coaching is for the person who wants “more” from life.  From young adult to retiree, we all desire more impact, more purpose, more intentionality with our lives.  Coaching eliminates the uncertainty by putting you on a path to maximizing your potential.  

  • The career goals I pursued aren’t turning out the way I expected.  

The coaching process helps you identify your mission and determine the next best steps to establishing goals and fulfilling your unique, career purpose.  

  • I am unsure about my college major and just as unsure about what I want to do after I graduate. 

Coaching provides you an action plan to maximize the college experience and positively embark on your life’s calling.


In summary, I can’t guarantee that you will accomplish all the goals and dreams that you have for your life. But imagine what life would be like if you did reach some of your lifetime goals and dreams.  You would be your best “you” while impacting your world and others to their best.  Coaching can take you from a stagnant, undefined life to a growing, dynamic mission.

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